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Final Evaluation:

This evaluation will include everything in which I have done over this entire project and everything that I have done to achieve what I have.

During the first week we had to create a proposal in which we had to write about what we were going to do during our project and what is going to look like, almost like a prediction. I said in my proposal that I would create weapons in which are related to necromancy and most importantly I said I was going to create a staff. I stuck along those lines and created a staff along with more weapons as assets to be stuck on the wall. These other assets include an axe, staff and sword. I did also include a dagger that we had created previously in the year.

I also said that I would create an altar, because it is something that necromancers use in order to create potions and read books on black magic. They also contain small assets such as skulls books and candles, in which are dimly lit and dark coloured so that they look scary. I said I was going to do that on my proposal but ended up doing a diorama instead. I did contain a table with candles on but was not what I described in my proposal. I decided to dedicate most of my work into the weapons instead of creating an altar.

Another thing in which I did differently to my project proposal was that I said I was going to make crosses and skulls. I did not end up doing this because it was an inside model and usually you would only put wooden crosses on the outside of a building almost like a grave yard. Instead of doing this I created barrels and crates both that are wooden, but are also more likely to be seen inside a building.

Some of the things that I have created that I did not talk about in my proposal include things such as my test tubes, this is something that I imagined that a necromancer would use in order to mix up spells and potions.

When researching what to do in necromancy I came across lots of altars. Personally I think that maybe I should have spent some extra time by creating an altar, this probably would have given me a higher mark. But when doing my research I found a diorama that i fell in love with, that is why I wanted to do one. Also it is a really good idea and you are able to fit everything into a small scene.

I managed my time not as well as I could. This is because most of my spare time was spent working to earn money or playing games because I was not in the mood to do work. I could have managed my work better and I am planning to next year by not playing games and maybe cutting down some of the hours I do at work. I will also write everything I am going to do on a calendar so that I can manage my time properly.

Some of the skills that I have used include mainly hand drawn textures. This have taken me a lot of time to do over the past few months and is definitely something in which I can improve on. Because I did not have enough time to hand draw textures for all my pieces if work, I sued photo realistic materials in which I got off of a copyright free site. this site is called Textures.com. Some more skills that I have used include 3d modelling. I have learnt skills that I had not used before and have put to use in order to create my final project. Some of these skills include unwrapping models. This is something that I had found extremely hard at the beginning of the college year and the more that I have practiced the better I have become. Another skills that I have come better at is when making complex models to craft I have made sure I have kept the sides to square and triangles, this made it easier to unwrap models. Also when you add smoothing groups and rendering the models, makes it look much better and smoother.

Some problems that I have faced during this project include project management. This includes handing my work in on time, I fell behind during the year and found it extremely hard to catch up again. Some harder problems that I had come across includes attempting to model the dragon head. This is a shape that I did not have the experience to model. It took a lot of time and effort in order to get the shape right and for it to look good. A way in which I can overcome this is by using my time over the summer holidays and doing more complex models so that I become better at it.

Some things that I have learnt during this project includes some modelling techniques, some modifiers that you add on to your models. For example the ‘turbosmooth’ modifier makes what ever jagged model you have and makes all of the edges super smooth. I used this on my wooden pegs in which I had made in order to hand the weapons up on that wall. Another thing in which I have learnt during this project is how to render my models. This was key during the final project because we needed to render our work to put up boards for the exhibition.

If I was to do something differently during this project I would have probably made it so that the table within my diorama was an altar, this would have made it look more aesthetically pleasing to whoever would be viewing my work. Another thing in which I would have done differently would include again the way in which I managed my time because it would help me hand in on time, also help me achieve a higher grade.

My peer and tutor feedback said the same thing, in which was that I had not done enough work and that when it had came to the interim deadlines, I had work missing. This is definitely something without a doubt that I need to make sure that I improve on in the second year. Most of the things that I did not refer for I did well. Also a lot of the things I did refer was were for small things, that be the reasoning I did not upload them, because I was not happy with them.