Review and summary of project management (week 2, 7, 10 and 12).

Summary of week 2 – By this point as you can see I manged to finish most of unit 1. The main ones being the proposal and the research on rebirth. I did get a bit behind a this point because I was not concentrating as much.

I had finished my Project plan and the ‘choose one idea’ it is under the ‘to verify section’ because of the fact that It was finished an needed to be verified.

Under the in process – I have stared the audience requirements for my product.trello 2Burndown 2

Week 7 – by week 7 I had done a considerable amount of work, by this point I had completed all of 1.1 and 2.1, also 3.1. i had caught up with a lot of my work.

Some of the pieces of work in which I was up to at this point also was 3.2, in which is evaluating weeks 2, 7, 10 and 12. Also almost finished my body of work based upon my proposal.trello 7Burndown 7

Week 10 – By this wee I have completed most of my work and have not much left to do. All I have left to do at this point is my project production. I also need to find and upload all of my peer reviews because that is something I had forgotten to do for the entire year.trello 10Burndown 10

Week 12 – At this point  have done all of my work, all my things for the exhibition are on boards and look amazing. All of my models are done, I am awaiting my final mark and to be signed of for the project after I have complete my evaluation, after I have done this I need to print off all of my work and then hand it in. trello 11Burndown 11


Project management

Week 1 – For the first week we have learnt about the subject and we have had to do some research on ‘rebirth’ Another thing we had to consider was coming up with 4 different ideas in which we were to do as our final major project.Trello 1Burndown 1

Week 2 – I have finished my proposal and am  really close to finishing my initial project plan, I have also cracked my work down to 2 pieces of work in which is Necromancy and fantasy.trello 2Burndown 2

Week 3 – I have pretty much finished the entirety of the first section in which consists of all of the initial research, I am now developing research on my chosen idea, in which I chose Necromancy.

trello 3Burndown 3

Week 4 – This week I have focused on my continued research on both Necromancy, which is my chosen topic, also rebirth which is our main topic. This consists of finding things in which I could use for my topic, I have been researching different weapons because that is what I want to model for my final major project.

My developed research on ‘rebirth’ consists of looking into life and death. I related it to necromancy in the fact that necromancers bring people back from the dead to use them as weapons towards other things.  trello 4Burndown 4

Week 5 – During this week I had completed a long and detailed audience profile containing everything related to my products that I am going to model. Such as Age, Gender and Location in which my product would appeal to.

I have gathered all my links and put them into a Harvard format so when I do my bibliography it will look much better, more professional.

trello 5Burndown 5

Week 6 – I have completed my bibliography including all my links being in Harvard format. They all include links for every single part of my work in which was done in the entirety of 2.1.

As you can see from the charts you can see that I had fallen a bit behind in my work and I should have already done some of my work from 3.1.

trello 6Burndown 6


Week 7 – I have started on 3.1 and have gone straight into doing some colour ideas. Because I am doing Necromancy you can see that some of my colours are dark and scary, this is because they are all about magic. Also the undead.

I got all of my colour ideas by finding similar textures that I would have used in my final major project and have used that colour finder tool and have found all of the colours from each picture that I found.
trello 7Burndown 7


Week 8 – I have done 3 different test pieces in which are all weapons. These weapons include an axe, staff and a sword. Personally the weapon assets that belong to a necromancer look really cool in the fact that they are textured in cool colours and have themed to make them look abnormal.

I was originally thinking of making small assets like test tubes and an alter as my test pieces but, I think that the weapons are much harder to make and look much cooler.trello 8Burndown 8


Week 9 – This is where I started creating my burn down charts and making sure that all of my project management up to this point was up to date. Not much else apart from continuing with my project production.trello 9Burndown 9

Week 10 – Product production, I have gone through most of my main assets and have gone through how I have made them in different stages of development.

For example I showed how I made my axe step-

trello 10Burndown 10


Week 11 – This is the final week in which all of my work has been done and is yet to have been marked, I am having to concentrate and write my final evaluation because that’s all I have left to write. after I have written the final evaluation I can get my worked checked and hopefully signed off.trello 11Burndown 11

Progress Review:

Have I completed the tasks that I have set for myself?

I completed my first task in which was to make the diorama basis and put all of the assets that I have together so that it looks nice, also this helps me see what I can do next in order to improve my project. After that i set the task of creating a wooden pin in which would hang the weapons up on the wall so that they are not just floating there. I ended up making the wooden pins but did not have enough time to be able to unwrap them and texture them.

Have you completed them to a good standard?

Personally I think that I have completed them to a good standard because I have made it look really neat and tidy and have put extra effort into the wooden pins by making them have curved edges so that they look a lot nicer after they have been fully finished.

Can you improve anything?

The only thing that I can think to improve on is the smaller assets and the pillars, by this I mean adding smoothing groups to it so when they are not selected it will look better and you can clearly see the edges of the object.

Are you on target to complete your project on time?

Yes I am because of the holidays coming up it will allow me to catch up with the work in which I have not yet completed. After the holidays I will only have the final project left to do making it easier on me and will end up being more organised.


Project Management Summery:

During this project I have been having to keep track of all of the work that I have been doing. Earlier on during our FMP we created a calendar in which contained dates that showed when we should have kept track of our work and what the different things we had to complete were. The way in which I have planned my work was through completing what was on the class power points each lesson.

My work organisation had been good in the fact that I have done all of the pieces of work, some of which are not all complete. The reason for not all my work being complete is down to going out or working in my spare time. Ways in which i can overcome this includes doing my work and completing it in class. Or not going out until my work is done.

One of the ways that I plan to catch up with my work includes by doing my work on my days off which are, Tuesday and Thursday. Also by using the library at lunch, or just coming in earlier in the morning.