3.1 Developing ideas for my project

Colour/mood ideas:

colour idea 1These colours are dark, dull and lifeless. These colours are my idea for the surroundings of the necromancer. Perhaps in a cave or somewhere in which the walls and floor are made out of solid stone or rock. There not being much light, or the rocks being dimly lit by the candles on the alter give off minute amounts of light. That’s why some of the colours are very dark. These are the colours that I have found when looking at different stones and rocks.  colour idea 2These are the colours in which I think of when I think of necromancy. The green colour is from the spells and magic that is casted by the necromancer. Whenever they create potions or when you see the spells being cast, the one colour that comes to mind is green. I have added red in to the mix as well because red represents the dead, death and blood. All in which relate to necromancy. And last but not least you have the dark colours in which are scary colours, things you might see in scary games or see in scary situations.colour idea 3Usually when I think of necromancy, I think of things that they have lying around, also for my final major project I am thinking of having a wooden shelf in which will hold all of the weapons that a necromancer will use or have. These colours above show the dark rotten wood in which they use to store objects, or the crates and barrels in the background are made of. Most wooden assets look good, especially if you make it out of dark wood so it fits with the necromancy theme.sketchesHere is my diorama in which I am going to create for my final major project. it should contain most of the things that are shown above. The top three sections are the walls of the diorama. I have designed two different types of material I could have used for the wall. in this case I thought either the wood or the stone wall would suit the situation. If I use wooden walls it would look good to place a window in between and I could turn it into some sort of church themed diorama, where as a stone wall would look nice with a wooden showcase containing weapons.

For the ground i have come up with some smaller assets on the left hand side, which as you can see, include crates, barrels and vases. A more themes asset includes the test tubes, something in which a necromancer could use in order to create spells. If i use a wooden wall, a tiled marble floor would be a good texture to use. Whilst if I use stone, i would have to use something similar for the floor.

When you think of necromancy, you see the undead and spells being cast. I will hopefully attempt to create skulls to be placed on the table but I know that the shape is extremely hard to make.  Candles so that the diorama is dimly lit. Also a book, this implies that it is a necromancer and that he s ready to cast spells and bring people back from the dead.


3.1 Test pieces, Ideas generation.

For some of my test pieces I have decided to make some cool looking weapons and staffs in which fall behind the topic of necromancy. I have ended up making 2 different weapons, here I am going to find and research different weapons I am hoping to make.

The first weapon that I would like to make would be a dagger or a knife, bearing in mind we have made a knife in the  past. I am going to reuse the previous knife because it fits with what I am doing and there is no point remaking the knife when I can reuse what I already have.

A weapon that I am going to create and not reuse is going to be a sword. I am going to try and find a normal looking sword and alter it in order to make it my own.

dragon sword 2This picture shows something in which I want to include on my sword. As you can see, there is a dragon on the bottom of the handle, this looks really cool and I am going to try and integrate a dragon with the sword in some way. Another thing that I like about this sword is that it has spikes on the blade. This makes the sword look less ‘dull’. Personally it makes it look like it is more modern .dragon swordOn this sword again I really like the how the dragon has been make to look like the handle of the sword. The sword in general interests me in the fact that the blade decreases in size the further you get from the handle. The trouble I have with a sword  like this is trying to model all of the black interchanges on the sword. (where the blade changes size and shape.)

Hopefully using these two references, I can come up with some sketches in which I can use to base my sword off of.



sketch sword 1sketch sword 2swordHere is what I have crated as one of my test pieces,using the two reference images I was able to come up with some ideas in which I have sketches down. By explaining what I have done I have managed to come up with this sword. I added the jagged blade with the sharp spikes in between to make it look as dangerous as possible. As you should know necromancers are not people you wan to mess with, if they are not using spells or magic they are more than capable of using a sword as a deadly weapon.

The next test piece that I had come up with was an axe, I found a picture in a Blizzard inc. book, its a dragon themed axe in which was a piece of concept art created by the lead artist.

Here is the axe that I had found in the book. I really liked the dragon theme and the way the axe looks. So I attempted to model the axe. Because of necromancers ability to use weapons, I decided to make a series of weapons as a showcase for my models, after already creating a sword it seemed fitting to create an axe.

I don’t have any sketches of  this axe due to the fact that this picture is illistarted how I would want to craft that axe. I will change the colours and it will end up looking slightly different because it is really hard to model the dragon because of its hard shape.

dragon axe

Here is the axe I have created as one of my test pieces it was really hard to model and took a lot of time to create each part of the axe. I will put this in a cabinet in the diorama with any other weapons that I create, I will use this in my final major project because it looks really cool and its to a high standard.

Lastly as one of my test pieces I created a staff, something that a necromancer holds in one hand to cast spells. It makes them strong and powerful.

dragon staff 2dragon staff

Picture 1 – https://www.pinterest.com/pdwells59/wizard-dragon-staff

picture 2 – http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20029243&mpage=1&key=&#20029243

These staffs include the dragon theme just like the sword and the axe, personally of it was to owned by a necromancer it would look cool and scary at the same time. I think these axes look good in the fact that they have cool patterns and designs, makes them loos really cool. The first picture shows one where the handle turns into scales from a dragon, I saw this was good because I created the same design on my axe. The second picture shows again a really cool design, but all of the extra parts sticking out on the handle would be hard to model.

Here are some of the design/sketches that I have come up with:

So this is what I plan to model, The first design is slightly more complicated in the fact that it has wood going around the spine of the staff. the second designis really simple and I have just added some spikes to the neck of the staff, suits the theme more and makes to look better.staff dragonHere is what I have come up with for my final test piece. It is a staff in which has included a dragon theme. It fits well with my other test pieces because they all have the same theme. I used the dragon head from the axe because it makes the staff look really cool and it would be too time consuming attempting to re model the axe.