Developed research on Necromancy:

As I am doing a diorama for my project I am continuing to find necromancy assets in which I am to model to put within my scene. One of the main thing that I am looking for is an Alter. This is because this is what necromancers use to cast spell and mix potions for experiment. A lot of these alters are stylised to make it look like they have slayed dead people and they have collected their bones. Most of them have pictures of skulls on the table. I have done some research and have found some picture of some alters. Also some pictures of some smaller assets in which have relatable features to the topic.

Here are some of the pictures that I have found below:

necromancy 1This altar shows the skulls and the daggers in which I would use as relatable objects to necromancy. Personally this one stands out to me because it gives the best idea of what they are like and it also has the dark gloomy colours in which give off darkening thoughts.necromancy 2This one shows different symbols, they look really good and are easy to texture on whilst making the altar. candles to give off the dim lighting in the background. And again the dagger in which they use to draw blood from prey. In which they use in potions or perhaps witchcraft. necromancy 3This is a simple altar but looks very nice in the fact that the stone is cracked and it gives off the feeling that it is old and also has been built by hand with all of the stones. This could be because a necromancer likes in a cave or somewhere underground in a desolate location. Again you have the candles giving off the same atmosphere as the other photos. along with the skulls, some of the skulls have candles on the head, this makes it look scary.

Dark-Dragon-Blade_2999For some of my assets I have wanted to create weapons in which a necromancer may have lying around I have found this sword in which has been has a golden dragon on the end of the sword. The blade is made out of a sharp metal in which is crafted into a flame. Personally I think that the blade represents the fact that the dragon can breath fire. Necromancer have cool looking weapons to intimidate the enemy. I am going to attempt to try and make my own sword in which is similar to this and has sharp jagged edges to the blade.Dragon_staff_detailOne of the main weapons that a necromancer uses to cast magic is a staff, without this their powers are weakened. Necromancers use these staffs to be able to cast spell in which can be used to destroy people or bring them back to life and to be controlled by a necromancer. This staff has a very cool design in the fact that the handle is made out of wood. At the end of the staff it has a metal end. This is so you can hold it on the floor. Also it looks as if you can use it to hang up the staff. I am going to craft a staff as one of my weapon assets and am going to relate it to my sword by adding the dragon theme, personally the staff above would look cooler perhaps if the handle near the dragon head had some spikes. This would make the staff look a lot more intimidating.Test tubeThis is a creative asset for necromancy because there are many different types of test tubes and ways in which necromancers can make different potions and spells. This is something that I know of personally and have had experience with test tubes in the past. I thought it would be a good asset to make and would be something good to see on the table. I also like the Z design of the stand.


2.1 Developed research on ‘rebirth’:

To continue the research on rebirth I have collected images and various other pieces of material in order help develop my ideas for my modelling. Also developing my knowledge on the subject. Here below are some of the images that I have found in which relate to rebirth:

These pictures above relate to rebirth in the way of being resurrected and coming back as something new. Or can be seen as two different things, them being life or death. The picture on the left is something that expresses rebirth in the way that underneath the ground is dead, but the seed has grown above the ground and has become a healthy tree in which represents life. The middle picture shows a small plant growing, this is just simply shows a seed growing from nothing. In the last picture which is on the right, you can see a phoenix in which comes backs from the dead.

These pictures show new life, growth and revival. The three main parts of being reborn. There are some other things to do with rebirth in which show different things. For example necromancy. In necromancy you bring the dead back, this does not mean that they have new life or growth, but it shows how they have been revived from magic and spells. This is my favorite part of rebirth because this is the sub genre in which I am going to do for my final major project.

Here are some pictures in which revolve around necromancy and shows you what necromancers are capable of.                                    

From these pictures above you can see that a necromancer has a fist full of magic, or staffs in which they use in order to bring the dead back to life. They can become in control of the person that they bring back. With this they have great power alongside unlimited ammo.

Another part of rebirth is religion. For example with God you go to heaven or in Jesus’ case he was resurrected and he was bought back to life by God. Given a second chance. In some religions such as the Muslim religion it is believed that you come back as something else, that being a plant or an animal. Back in the Egyptian days you have the ‘gods’ of there time for when they died were sacrificed to the gods above in order to lengthen their lives.





Presenting work:

For the tutorial session we are having to lean how we are going to present the work in which is going to be displayed at the exhibition at the end of the college year. Things in which we have to include are:

  • How the work should be presented – For this we must takes notes and photos as proof.
  • Look at how 3d modelling, concept art and games are presented. Look can look at sites such as FZD school of design for inspiration.

Here are some photos of other work in which we are needing to take for research.17310818_1299614860093190_2115815414_oFor this picture of the houses, it is presented well in the fact that each image shows the individual assets and the stages in which they have used in order to get to the finished product. The top two pictures show the finished product put together but with no textures applied, personally i think that it should show the separate parts of the building in the fact that you can not see where the different parts of the building has been put together. The middle picture in which shows the assets in which the person has used. This has be presented extremely well in the fact that they are all layed out separably and you can clearly see what they are. Another small thing that makes it look good is that he has presented them on a small platform instead of them floating, this looks better and more professional. All of the assets are included within the picture at the bottom in which has made it into a ‘beauty board’ this is because it is a finalised textures piece with all of the modular assets included. And finally and obviously the bottom two photos are the finished product in which looks very good and is presented well. perhaps the other side of the house could have been shown. Overall is very good. 17357048_1299614823426527_1265492403_oThis one right from the start looks really good in the fact that at the start the room in mirrored so that it can show you within one picture, what it looks like for the models to be textures and not textured. Also two smaller pictures showing what it is like after it has been rendered. The second two pictures are again impressive in the fact that it is a realistic point of view as if you were in the room . One of the things that i am impressed at is the scale of everything in the room looks amazing. This is what is called a diorama. This is a small scene in which contains modular pieces. I have done this with my work and I would use this as a example of how to present my work. In conclusion I think that the person has layed this out very well and I recommend to to anyone who is doing something similar17357747_1299614886759854_1492625910_o (1)For this final example of the 3d modelling process of how to lay out work, we have this fine example in which contains an intricate model of a robot and windmils.