1.1 Task 1 – Initial research on rebirth.

Activity – Build up a body of research based on your mind map. Collect at images/examples, and annotate them. Things in which I Need to consider whilst doing my work are; The meaning of rebirth, What interests you about the topic. Also how you can develop your research into a project or idea!

Task 1 – What does Rebirth mean? :

Rebirth means in words – The process of being reincarnated or born again, or a period of new life, growth, or activity. A revival.

The way that i think of rebirth is simply the fact that it has something to do with life or death. When something dies something else is born. Some faiths believe that when you die, you turn into a plant or an animal perhaps. This is an example of rebirth. Some of the relations to rebirth that I could think of are phoenix’s this is because they are reborn. here are some things in which relate to rebirth in there own way; Necromancy, life, death.

What interests you about the topic?

The main thing that interests me about the topic is necromancy, this is because I am really into games in which contains magic and death, and Resurrection.  This is why I planning to base my project off of necromancy because it is the part of the project that interest me the most.

Here are some pictures that I have found that I like to do with necromancy and the prject as a whole.:


picture 1 – http://www.sunsigns.org/what-is-necromancy/

picture 2 – http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Necromancy

picture 3 – http://rituals-magic.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/necromancy-art-of-calling-dead.html

picture 4 – http://warhammerfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Necromancy

How could you develop your research into a project?

The way in which I can develop my research in to a project is by using a lot of these pictures as reference and then putting them into 3ds max and attempting to try and model them as test pieces. If that becomes successful then I could even use those for my final major project.


mythology moodboardThe main thing that comes to mind when thinking of mythology, whilst relating it to rebirth, is the phoenix. A phoenix is ‘reborn’ something in which when it dies comes back as a baby version of itself and forever grows until the cycle starts again.








Religion screenshot

In some religions such as Hinduism they believe that when you die you come back as a plant or animal, this is the greatest understanding in which we have today.



Games, movies or books:

movis films and books moodboard

Most if these games have a post apocalyptic theme to it. This is related to rebirth because when humans die in these games, they are resurrected as zombies, in which is a form of rebirth.








science moodboard

For years rebirth has been something that has been researched on. People have admitted to have seen flashbacks or memories to previous life. Nobody knows if this is true. Egyptians have been known for years for burying ‘gods’ or special people in pyramids, this is what they believed was the way to make the gods live on forever.






1.1 Choose 1 idea:

It has boiled down to having to pick one final idea from the four that we originally came up with. The four that I began with were; Life/Heaven, Death/Hell, Necromancy and Fantasy. After that I was able to boil it down to two ideas which were, Necromancy and fantasy.

So the idea that I have chosen to continue and develop into my final project is Necromancy, this is because of the fact that I already know a lot about the subject, also I feel that I am able to relate it to necromancy in my own way. It will be a lot easier than fantasy, also have ideas on what to model.

So… my plan for Necromancy is to develop a diorama. This is a small scene containing models that represents the subject clearly. Within this small scene there can be a lot of things going on. Or in my case there will be a lot of object/assets you will be able to see relating to the product itself.

After already creating a mind map and mood board on this subject I have decided to go into more depth and see more of what Necromancy is about. Hoping this will give me more ideas to develop my project. So here I will be continuing some research on the subject that I have chosen.

The meaning of necromancy – The practising of communicating with the dead, they do this in order to be able to predict the future. They do this in ways of black magic, witchcraft and sorcery. When Necromancers bring things back from the dead, they control you and are able to use you as a weapon against the living.

Some of the things that I am planning to do in this project is to model an alter in which has all of the necromancers equipment scattered around. this would include things such as pots, test tubes and books. Also I will be making some weapons in which will be hanging up on the wall, because necromancers have all sorts of weapons in case someone was to ambush them or they were at war. Some of the weapons that I will model will include, Axes, Swords, Daggers and staffs. I’m planning to do this on a small diorama. Also adding some more extreme detail such as a small room with broken walls coming off and broken windows built into the walls where the alter will stand.

This is all I have come up for the moment. Hopefully in class I will further develop more ideas and hopefully make a start on all of the modelling that I am in need of doing.

1.1 Create mood boards for 2 ideas:

From the four ideas that I originally had. I have chosen 2 of my favourite ones. The two in which i have chosen are Necromancy and Fantasy. These 2 mood boards will contain picture in which I think would most fit ‘rebirth’ and perhaps contain things in which I can use for my final major project.

necromancyFor this mood board based on necromancy I have found many picture in which are significantly related to necromancy in some way. The picture in the top left, in which is the contents of an old book. It shows rituals in which the necromancers use in order to bring people back from the dead. This links to some of the other pictures in the fact that you can see the necromancer with either a book or a staff within their hands, whilst the un-dead arise from the very earth in which they were buried. Once a necromancer has awoken its undead allies, they use them as an army to destroy or kill anything that they want. The remaining pictures show necromancy tables or altars in which they use to perform sacrifices or spells. The tables are lit with candles in which give off a dim and scary atmosphere, whilst you can see the silhouettes of the skulls and potions on the wall behind. The books in which you seen on or next to the table is something that they use to learn spells, each spell casting something different. bibliography necromancyfantasyFantasy is something that you imagine, in which is classed as impossible or improbable. For example in the bottom right photo you can see that there is a picture of some islands that are floating. Everyone knows and every scientist or any human being can prove that floating islands are impossible. Some things are not necessarily impossible, such as the top middle picture of the giant house or castle. Perhaps with some of the best engineering that we have something like that is possible to build, it would take years upon years to build but it not impossible, its improbable. The picture with the unicorn is one of the most made up and imaginable animals that we have come up with, unless in the future we come up with some genetic sharing device between horses and rhinos I can safely say that it is impossible to ever see or make a unicorn. Fantasy is something in which fits rebirth is because if the fact that you can make anything you want in a fantasy world, you can make up the meaning for anything that you do make and you can choose what it does. no matter if it is impossible it is all part of your imagination.fantasy bibliography

1.1 Mind map – 4 project ideas:

For this we have had to come up with 4 different mind maps in which have different topics all in which relate to ‘rebirth’. Here are 4 ideas that I have come up with:

FantasyThe First idea that I have come up with is Fantasy. This is because you can pretty much make up anything you want because anything that is a fantasy is not real. For example i could make some sort of zombie apocalypse or something such as heaven in which is related to Resurrection in some way.

NecromancyMy second idea is Necromancy which at the moment is my favourite because of the fact that I love the theme in itself. The fact that it is all about spells and magic, how necromancers can bring people back from the dead with spells. They also carry weapons and staffs which look really cool and you can be as creative as you want when you are modelling them.life-mind-map-2Heaven/life is one of the easiest and main subjects of rebirth. This is because of the fact you can relate it to the bible and other religions in the fact that you are reborn, weather you come back as a plant or an animal. IT can be hard to model things to be able to represent life.death-mind-map-2Lastly we have Death/hell this is about the after life and crusifiction. Souls spirits making your way back into the world by haunting other people.

1.1 Project Proposal:

Here is my project proposal. I Review what I have done out of my work so far and how I am planning to move forward in the project. After that you move on to the project concept where I show pieces of my work and give an example of some of the pieces of work that I wish to produce. And at the end it contains a bibliography containing a link to the picture that I used in my proposal. And then last but not least on the bottom, there is action plan and time table that I have had to try and stick to during the interim deadlines.

Capture 1Capture 2Capture 6

1.1 Task 1 – What is the task?

For our final major project we have been asked to list and identify what we are having to do for each task within the project.

Task 1 – Project Requirements & Proposal:

  • 1.1 Write a brief paragraph (identify the task being set – List the work that has to be produced) – For this you have to identify what you have to do for each task for the final major project.
  • 1.1 Initial project plan – For this we have to plan out what we are going to have to do or what we are going to have to complete for the entire project.
  • 1.1 Mind map – Use this as research and come up with a list of different list of the themes or ideas to do with the term, ‘rebirth’.
  • 1.1 Research – Find out about the meaning of ‘rebirth’ and look for different meaning and relations to the subject.
  • 1.1 Mind map – Mind map 4 project ideas on things that you are wanting to do in your project, for example this you be mind mapping life or death and branching relative things off that you would like to go on and include in your final project.
  • 1.1 – Create Mood boards for 2 ideas, this counts as research because you will have to find photos or images related to what it is you want to do and write about it so that you understand what it is you are wanting to do.
  • 1.1 Choose 1 idea – From the mood boards that you have created you are going to have to choose 1 idea, explain why you have chosen it over the other and explain to staff what your idea is and how you are going to go forth with your plan. Also how you are going to implement it into your plan.
  • 1.1 Proposal – Write a proposal containing a brief context with screenshots of work that you have done and how you have done it.

Task 2 – Research & Planning:

  • 2.1 Develop research on the topic of research – Collect images and explain with detail how they relate to ‘rebirth’.
  • 2.1 Develop research on your chosen idea – For this you are going to have to produce mood boards, screenshots and practitioners.
  • 2.1 Identify the audience for your product – For this you are going to have to explain who it is who is going to use you product when it is finish, perhaps explain how you are going to use it as well.
  • 2.1 Produce a bibliography, keep track of the things that you do throughout the entire project.

Task 3 – Project Production:

  • 3.1 – Interpret your research to develop ideas for your project, including the following where appropriate;
    • Sketch/ Photo bash design ideas.
    • Colour/ mood ideas.
    • UML/ flow diagrams.
    • Storyboarding.
    • Character bio/ synopsis/ story mapping.
  • 3.1 – Develop test pieces to show evidence of problem solving and planning, include the following; Blocking out test builds, Explore different drawings/digital styles, test programmes/prototypes.
  • 3.1 – Document the development of your ideas in your blog, for this you are going to have to annotate and evaluate you ideas opinions and decisions.
  • 3.2 – Use agile project management methods in order to be able to manage your whole project, for this you are going to have to screenshot your trello and weekly burn down chart in order to prove that you are managing it properly.
  • 3.2 – Review, summerise and evaluate project management progress at each deadline. (week 2,7,10,12)
  • 3.3 – Produce a body a body of work based on your proposal, ideas development and test pieces.
  • 3.4 – Produce a development log explaining and evaluating your work and showing the processes that you have used to get to where you are now.
  • 3.5 – You are going to have to produce your final work, it is going to have to be presented professionally.

Task 4 – Evaluation:

  • 4.1 – Peer reviews & tutorials with self evaluations. – For this you are going to have to produce all of your peer reviews done by other people, and you are going to have to self evaluate your work to explain what you have done and how you feel about it.
  • 4.1 – Final evaluation of your project.