Ideas generation – Diorama platform

For my final major project I am going to be creating what is called a “diorama”. This means that


Peer Feedback – Project Idea:

My idea is to create a room in which has the theme of necromancy, this will include magic and death.

For example on the side of death it will contain things such as:]

  • skulls
  • pitchforks
  • coffins
  • dead plants
  • tree with no leaves Basically anything in which represents death.
  • wooden cross (cracked and in bad condition.)

On the side of magic

  • Staffs
  • Weapons
  • Books
  • alter/altar
  • enchantment table.

I will attempt to put this in a surrounding building of a church to give it a scary feel to the environment.

Reviewer response

Your idea is really good I think skulls, dead plants, wooden crosses and coffins are all linked to rebirth however I don’t think pitchforks link to it that well.

Staffs, blades, alters, books and enchantment table are all really cool things to model and would make your scene look much better.

Your overall idea is good however I think you need to include life a bit more on your alter so it can be clearly linked to rebirth.

Game narritive:

Task 1 introduction to the narrative:

Because we have to base it on a game that we are going to make, I have decided to base it on dragons.

Where are we? – We are in a murky mountain range infested with volcano’s in which are constantly surveys by other dragons in search of food.

What has happened if anything? – You are a young dragon hatch by the hot bubbling liquids of the lava lakes. You are in search of your mother, you try to find her. Only to be confronted by other, starving, fierce dragons. You are having to fight your way out to freedom.

Who is the main character? – The main character is unnamed for now, but is a scared dragon in search for his mother.

Think about what will happen, what has prepared your character for these events? – A dragon can naturally breath fire from birth and protect itself with its sharp claws. Most new born animals can sense when they are in danger, as for dragons in this case. Using its natural instincts he/she has to escape to find her parents.

Task 2 –  Develop the narrative to include a quest for the character.

My character has to use their natural instincts in order to fight of enemy dragons whist collecting gold coins on the way. As he is young his wings haven’t full developed, baring this in mind he can only jump his way around.

How will your character deal with this? – Use their natural deadly instincts in which we assume dragons have to get out of the sticky situation their parents had left them in.

How will this change them? – This will change them in the way that  they will learn without their parents, they will have to develop their own knowledge. Being bought up in a world with no one to protect you.

Task 3 – Finish the story:

How has the journey changed them? It has changed them in the fact that they are extremely violent to anyone whom they come across instead of being protected. It has also changed them in the way that they have become extremely independent so that everyone they confront is an enemy.

How will you end the journey? – I will end the journey by my my character being overwhelmed by other dragons, only for himself to be granted a super power by the almighty dragon gods above in which he becomes immortal.