Game assets

cobblestone-referenceThis is the image that I based my platform off of, this is because I said id use cobblestone as it would look good around lava. Mine craft is a game that gave me the idea because it makes it look really good.dragon-referenceThis is the reference image that I had used for my dragon, i have used this because I had made the tiles out of pixels, so i though I would use pixels for the dragon. Also the dragon is red and just what i would use in my game.

cobble-designThis is how I would want my cobblestone to look because I think that it looks better that having a huge big bit of rock. It should be all broken up.

dragon-designHere is my dragon design, i’m not good at drawing but I am hoping that I can make it look better than what it looks like on paper.

cobblestoneFinal design.


dragon-playerFinal design.





UI design

UI consists of two different things. These two things are Control and Feedback. These are extremely important components in your game because it would look awful and n one would want to play it if you were not to implement these in your games.

Control – Any thing that the player does, send information to the game and how to react. For example if a player clicks on the “D” button this could either be moving right or forward, depending what sort of game you are playing.

Feedback –  This is something that gives the information to the player. This includes things such as HUD, duration and strategies.

Some games will simplify the UI by having written words that you are able to click on to do certain things. An example of this could be that could be where it says ‘mute’ to mute the music. Where as some games would have a little speaker symbol in which pressing it would do the same thing. Not every game has the same layout and most of the time all have unique UI. Games such as Call Of Duty have almost the same UI in the series, but they make it different in the slightest each time to make it look different and give the player a new feel to the game.

Small mobile games like to keep their UI simple. This is because of the fact that if you make it complected and put a lot on the screen, the game would look awful.

You have to keep in mind things such as tolerance, this is because of the fact that some times on games you might click something that you might not have meant to. This will bring up extra menus making sure that you have made the correct decision. An example of this is ‘are you sure’. This makes things safer and easier for the player.

Reusable, this is when you have specific things in the game that you are able to reuse again. Makes it easy for the player to develop the game sence.

Game narritive:

Task 1 introduction to the narrative:

Because we have to base it on a game that we are going to make, I have decided to base it on dragons.

Where are we? – We are in a murky mountain range infested with volcano’s in which are constantly surveys by other dragons in search of food.

What has happened if anything? – You are a young dragon hatch by the hot bubbling liquids of the lava lakes. You are in search of your mother, you try to find her. Only to be confronted by other, starving, fierce dragons. You are having to fight your way out to freedom.

Who is the main character? – The main character is unnamed for now, but is a scared dragon in search for his mother.

Think about what will happen, what has prepared your character for these events? – A dragon can naturally breath fire from birth and protect itself with its sharp claws. Most new born animals can sense when they are in danger, as for dragons in this case. Using its natural instincts he/she has to escape to find her parents.

Task 2 –  Develop the narrative to include a quest for the character.

My character has to use their natural instincts in order to fight of enemy dragons whist collecting gold coins on the way. As he is young his wings haven’t full developed, baring this in mind he can only jump his way around.

How will your character deal with this? – Use their natural deadly instincts in which we assume dragons have to get out of the sticky situation their parents had left them in.

How will this change them? – This will change them in the way that  they will learn without their parents, they will have to develop their own knowledge. Being bought up in a world with no one to protect you.

Task 3 – Finish the story:

How has the journey changed them? It has changed them in the fact that they are extremely violent to anyone whom they come across instead of being protected. It has also changed them in the way that they have become extremely independent so that everyone they confront is an enemy.

How will you end the journey? – I will end the journey by my my character being overwhelmed by other dragons, only for himself to be granted a super power by the almighty dragon gods above in which he becomes immortal.


Game genre research:

This is a list of the genre of games that I was able to come up with. Just shows how many different games are out there, and what you could base your own games off of.genres-in-games

2 different genres of games. Explore the different games showing a picture for each one. This has helped because it has developed my understanding of what people are looking for when looking at different genres of games.

Tower defence games:Tower defence games.PNGThe following games that you see within these pictures:

  • Bloons tower defence.
  • Plants vs zombies.
  • Flash element td
  • Defence frid the awakening
  • Kingdom rush
  • Desktop tower defence.

Platform games:


The following platform games:

  • Scrappy cat
  • sonic the hedgehog
  • Super Mario bros
  • Donkey kong
  • Neander world
  • Blookid

Sound, interactivity and visual production in games.

5 Videos in which explore sounds of the game.

This video has every sound in mine craft, it shows how many different sound such a simple game has.


Super Mario sound effects.

Call Of Duty Black ops zombies sound effects.

GTA 3 sound effects.

Grand turismo 6 car sounds.mindmaps

Visuals in games:

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Interactivity in games:

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2D Art – Sound assets

Things that we have to cover as part of our sound assets include:

  • Introduction to sound and music.
  • 8 bit sound assets
  • Audio clips
  • Music making apps
  • Experimenting with sounds.

Task 1 – Introduction to sound and music assets.

We are looking at 8bit sound generators sound assets sites and music generators. How can you make a game theme song memorable bur without making the player go crazy. Simple… create a funky beat that makes you want to dance along and make it short and snappy. We have to use the following sites in order to create our own 8bit sounds.

Task 2 – 8bit sound assets:


With this website I was able to create A short snappy low frequency sound that sounded as if you were denied access to a building or perhaps a warning message on a computer. The way that I though of implementing this into a game was is you had to collect coins. But for example of you didn’t collect all the coins it wouldn’t let you through the door and it would make this “access denied” sound.

superflashbrosThe Sound that I was able to create with this website was an abduction sound. As weird as it sounds. So what I did to create this sound was I selected the coin/pickup sound on the left hand side. I used this as a reference to make a sound. After this i increased the length of the wave and the sound. This made it sound really low pitch and last a long time. I also increased what is called “Vibrato depth and speed” This gave it a sort of twang at the and of the sound. Personally this made a perfect abduction sound. Was almost you were in a film and you had been beamed up by aliens.chiptone

With this website I was able to create a game over sound. I was able to make this by again selecting a coin sound. Then i had a little fiddle around with the audio mixers. I made the length of the frequency longer and made it so it stared from a low pitch to a high pitch sound. This was extremely simple. I hopefully can implement this sound into my game so that when I run out of  lives it plays this sound.

Task 3 – audio clips:

After this we had to visit a site called

We had to search for non copy write sounds. Here are some that I was able to find.freesounds.PNG

Task 4 – Music making apps

For this we have to use an online music making app and explore and create a series of music clips which could be used in a video game.

https://www.soundtrap.comhttp://www.beepbox.co – Here are the websites we could use to make our own sounds.beepbox


Game theory: Narration

So for this task we had to produce a creative story in which we were given a question that we had to answer. The point of this task is to be as creative as possible. Lets see how this goes…

Task 1 –

1 – Where are we? – ogbonia, the living land of the orcs.

2 – What has happened if anything? – Our ships has crashed into this strange planet, don’t know where we are or what to do, weirdly enough the air is fulfilled with oxygen.

3 – Who is the main character? – The main character in my story is Tarquin, warrior, king of the human race.

4 – Think about what will happen. What has prepared your character for these events? – On board the ship in which survived an impact at such an a acute angle impact has weapons and food in which will last for years…

5 – How will your character deal with this? – He will attempt to become friends with the living orcs on the planet, he will help them kill anyone to tries to kill the orcs, in return he gets hospitality, knowing he will never return to his home planet.. Earth.

The science of level design:

In this lesson we were asked to look into the science of level design. the reasoning behind this was so that we understood the the ‘theory’ behind making a good level design. This applies to gameplay and player enjoyment.

What we did to start off the lesson was we split into groups and came up with a team name, ours being ‘blitz babes’. For this we had to create a level design game with the theme of a ‘stealth platformer’. The first things that pops to mind when thinking of stealth is ninja’s and prisons or security. Some of the things that we had to keep in mind when doing this includes things such as; Where the player spawns, where the enemies are located, core mechanics and features.

Some of the things we thought of in the group includes things such as;

  • Creeping, running, climbing.
  • checkpoints.
  • enemies.
  • cameras, lights.

We had to make it clear where the player had to go. We made a side scroller, so it should be obvious to the player that you go from left to right. But on the first design we put some arrows on the background faintly to show the direction in which you need to go in.


Game theory – game mechanics

something that a player can do in a game, such as, moving, talking, jumping and shooting.

Call of duty – Some mechanics that are used within call of duty include things such as:

  • Jumping/mounting/climbing. – you use this in order to gain access of higer parts of them map
  • Shooting/aiming/reloading
  • Running/walking.
  • Crouching/prone position.
  • Throwing/placing.
  • Switch weapons.
  • Knifing/punching .

The video I watched –]

FIFA – Mechanics used in FIFA include:

  • Sprinting/walking/side-stepping.
  • Passing/tackling/shooting.
  • Changing direction.

The video I used –

World of Warcraft mechanics –

  • Change the P.O.V.
  • Strafe right/strafe left
  • Shoot/use ability.
  • Inventory/items.

Video I used –

Mechanic cycle:

A mechanic cycle is a tool in which we can use in order to determine how successful a mechanic will be when implementing it within a game. The best mechanic is implemented in the game and is used to see how they work. If the mechanics is successful then they can adjust it and make it good in any way that they can.

Call of duty game mechanic cycle. Aim and shoot > kill and enemy > Gain experience points > Gain experience towards kill streaks. The more times you do this the better kill streaks you will gain access toMechanic cycle..PNG