Review progress:

Some of the Ideas generation that I have produced so far includes some of the assets in which I am going to include in my final major project. Some of these include small assets are pots and potion bottles. This is something that is still needing to be finished. By this point I have done a lot of sketches and research, just the writing needs to be done.

Some of the things that I am needing to do before moving on to my test pieces include, designing the alter and the room in which will be surrounding it. I am doing what is called a diorama in which is creating a model in which contains a scene with 3d figures in a small space.

One other thing that I need to consider is that I need to finish my project management. The part in which I make sure that I have made up my mind with everything in which I am going to include in my project.


Peer Feedback – Project Idea:

My idea is to create a room in which has the theme of necromancy, this will include magic and death.

For example on the side of death it will contain things such as:]

  • skulls
  • pitchforks
  • coffins
  • dead plants
  • tree with no leaves Basically anything in which represents death.
  • wooden cross (cracked and in bad condition.)

On the side of magic

  • Staffs
  • Weapons
  • Books
  • alter/altar
  • enchantment table.

I will attempt to put this in a surrounding building of a church to give it a scary feel to the environment.

Reviewer response

Your idea is really good I think skulls, dead plants, wooden crosses and coffins are all linked to rebirth however I don’t think pitchforks link to it that well.

Staffs, blades, alters, books and enchantment table are all really cool things to model and would make your scene look much better.

Your overall idea is good however I think you need to include life a bit more on your alter so it can be clearly linked to rebirth.

Final Evaluation:

For the last nine week we had been set a new project, my aims within this include me improving my skill in all 3 bases. These include 3D modelling, programming and 2d art. Also the fact of being able to hand in things on time. There have been bumps on the way and some pieces of work were handed in early or behind schedule. Because of work on the weekends getting work done on days off or in college was proven to be crucial.

3d Modelling

This is my favourite part of the course. This is because this is the one that I best understand compared to programming, also the one that I enjoy more. For 2d art, its not that I don’t understand how to draw things, i’m just not very good at it.

In this project we were creating what is called a ‘dungeon’ This is something that I was extremely excited about. We modelled things such as doors and object that you would usually see within dungeons. I was going for a ‘safe room’ feel. I was able to achieve this by having smashable objects such as crates and vases. Within games you smash these in order to find hidden health or gold. The reason why it makes me think of a safe room is that there is a tent with a bed. This sort of acts like a check point in the way that you would walk up to it and it would ask ‘would you like to save your progress’.

After creating all of the indoor assets for the dungeon we had created pillars and bricks in which created the foundations for the room. I found this easy and simple both to create and unwrap. This was a path into or out of the dungeon. After everything had been created we had to texture the entire thing, for this we used Photoshop.

The three assets that I chose to put in my modular piece include a vase, table and a tent.

2D art:

For my character we had to base it off of the theme mythology, personally dragons are the best part, so that’s what I went for. 3d modelling was extremely good practise at creating things but I decided to walk down my own bumpy path by not relating it to a dungeon. So going ahead with the dragon turned out to be successful in the fact that it was easy to make and looks good within the game that I made.

I used a site called Piskel in which you can make any pixel drawing that you want. You can also make some really cool animations. For example you you can toggle an onion skin which means when making a new layer, you can see a faint outline of the previous layer. This makes making animations extremely easy. Another cool feature is that you are able to change the size of the pixel sheet, using mathematical anagrams it will create a pixel board any size of your choice.

In order to make animations work on Unity, you have to create a sprite sheet in which doing so in programmes such as Photoshop can be some what time consuming. But using Piskel works wonders, by this I mean by exporting the animation, it creates a transparent sprite sheet in which you can drag right into your Unity project. This helped with my time management in the fact that I was able to implement animations quicker than most people, giving me more time on other pieces of work.

I drew my background in Photoshop. This was because we were making a prototype game and I was not planning animating it. Also the fact that I can say that I used two different art styles being digital art being drawn by hand, and pixel art on Piskel.

On Photoshop you are able to have touch sensitivity which become an important role when creating a textured background. Doing each step on a different layer is perfect in case you do something wrong, this makes doing the background less time consuming.

Overall the entirety of the 2D art was really fun and being able to learn new techniques along the way has been an absolute pleasure as always. For my FMP I am planning to make A 3D model to a given theme. But using my artistry skills in which I have learnt from 2D art I will be able to implement it as I texture my models.


personally programming has been the worst for me in the fact that most of the code was self taught  and copying from sheets. This made my time management extremely stressful being able to stick to is because writing code takes a lot of time. also when errors in the code popped up they took hours to fix as my knowledge in the are was extremely lacking.

Past this I was able to create a platform game in which looks good and plays well. The code was tough to get working but the end prototype was working well. Each lesson we were taught different types of code in which would allow us to implement different assets into out game. For example some of the code that I used was for a health bar the code was called ‘PlayerHealth’ you could attach this to a heath bar which you create with the built in UI in unity.

For implementing other code such as ‘EnemyMovement’ it was easier to watch you tube tutorials because this explains how the code is used and how the code works. I implemented this to my enemy dragon. The code was layed out so that when the enemy hit a wall it would turn around. Because it was a prototype game I didnt get as far as implementing the enemy to shoot objects. I also made it so on contact with the player it would make the player take damage.  Also by making the enemy move faster than the player is was almost certain that the player would take some damage at least.


Overall I have learnt a lot from the past 9 weeks in the fact that I made a platform game from scratch whilst most people in the class already had one made form the project before.If I was to improve in one of the bases it would be programming because im still not sure how code works and i can barely understand it. Thankfully I wont have to use it at all during my final major project.

I preferred this assignment more than the previous one because I have learnt and used more techniques. Because of this it has made me more confident with my final major project.

Game assets

cobblestone-referenceThis is the image that I based my platform off of, this is because I said id use cobblestone as it would look good around lava. Mine craft is a game that gave me the idea because it makes it look really good.dragon-referenceThis is the reference image that I had used for my dragon, i have used this because I had made the tiles out of pixels, so i though I would use pixels for the dragon. Also the dragon is red and just what i would use in my game.

cobble-designThis is how I would want my cobblestone to look because I think that it looks better that having a huge big bit of rock. It should be all broken up.

dragon-designHere is my dragon design, i’m not good at drawing but I am hoping that I can make it look better than what it looks like on paper.

cobblestoneFinal design.


dragon-playerFinal design.





Name of my game:

Outline – How will my game work?

My game will work like any other tower defence, in the fact that you have to defend a building or HQ (headquarters). To defend the HQ you have to place down a variety of towers that you are able to buy with the money you get from killing the oncoming enemies that are attempting to invade your territory. The levels will progressively get harder and I will hopefully attempt to add it so that you can get access to better and stronger towers when playing the game and progressing through the levels.

Ideas generation:

Things in which id expect to see/hear within my game;

Enemy noises, Dragon sounds, Changing round sounds, Game music running in the background, Clicking and placing towers, Nice scenery.

Interactivity in my game;

Perhaps trying to speed up the game, Pause the game, Be able to place towers, Upgrade towers, earning towers/power-ups, Change or mute the volume

Visual production;

This could include things such as animation, dragon moving, fireballs shooting. Enemy dying.

Game description:

I will be making a game around dragons, it being my favourite part of mythology. The basis of my game. You are a young dragon hatch by the hot bubbling liquids of the lava lakes. You are in search of your mother, you try to find her. Only to be confronted by other, starving, fierce dragons. You are having to fight your way out to freedom. The main character is unnamed for now, but is a scared dragon in search for his mother.  A dragon can naturally breath fire from birth and protect itself with its sharp claws. Most new born animals can sense when they are in danger, as for dragons in this case. Using its natural instincts he/she has to escape to find her parents.

Game play mechanics:

  • Shooting – shooting fireballs at enemy or the enemy shooting back.
  • Movement
  • collectables
  • Checkpoints
  • moving platforms
  • bosses
  • Death barrier
  • lives
  • respawning


  • A – moving left or backwards.
  • D – Moving right or forward.
  • SPACE – this is jump
  • Right Click on mouse – this will shoot fireballs in straight lines towards the enemy.

Visual assets in my game:

Background – Because my player is a dragon, we all know that dragons like to like in mountain terrains in which are infested with mountains. So i’m planning to create a huge volcano in which will be spewing lava as the battleground.

Platform – The only thing in which can survive near lava is rock, so i was going to make my platform out of cobblestone in which is broken rock mashed together crated by the exploding volcanoes in the background.

Player – Player is a red dragon, red because he was born by the lakes of spitting lava.

Scripts im going to add:

  • Player movement
  • Player kill
  • Death barrier
  • Enemy movement
  • Enemy death
  • Checkpoint
  • Healthbar

UI design

UI consists of two different things. These two things are Control and Feedback. These are extremely important components in your game because it would look awful and n one would want to play it if you were not to implement these in your games.

Control – Any thing that the player does, send information to the game and how to react. For example if a player clicks on the “D” button this could either be moving right or forward, depending what sort of game you are playing.

Feedback –  This is something that gives the information to the player. This includes things such as HUD, duration and strategies.

Some games will simplify the UI by having written words that you are able to click on to do certain things. An example of this could be that could be where it says ‘mute’ to mute the music. Where as some games would have a little speaker symbol in which pressing it would do the same thing. Not every game has the same layout and most of the time all have unique UI. Games such as Call Of Duty have almost the same UI in the series, but they make it different in the slightest each time to make it look different and give the player a new feel to the game.

Small mobile games like to keep their UI simple. This is because of the fact that if you make it complected and put a lot on the screen, the game would look awful.

You have to keep in mind things such as tolerance, this is because of the fact that some times on games you might click something that you might not have meant to. This will bring up extra menus making sure that you have made the correct decision. An example of this is ‘are you sure’. This makes things safer and easier for the player.

Reusable, this is when you have specific things in the game that you are able to reuse again. Makes it easy for the player to develop the game sence.

Game narritive:

Task 1 introduction to the narrative:

Because we have to base it on a game that we are going to make, I have decided to base it on dragons.

Where are we? – We are in a murky mountain range infested with volcano’s in which are constantly surveys by other dragons in search of food.

What has happened if anything? – You are a young dragon hatch by the hot bubbling liquids of the lava lakes. You are in search of your mother, you try to find her. Only to be confronted by other, starving, fierce dragons. You are having to fight your way out to freedom.

Who is the main character? – The main character is unnamed for now, but is a scared dragon in search for his mother.

Think about what will happen, what has prepared your character for these events? – A dragon can naturally breath fire from birth and protect itself with its sharp claws. Most new born animals can sense when they are in danger, as for dragons in this case. Using its natural instincts he/she has to escape to find her parents.

Task 2 –  Develop the narrative to include a quest for the character.

My character has to use their natural instincts in order to fight of enemy dragons whist collecting gold coins on the way. As he is young his wings haven’t full developed, baring this in mind he can only jump his way around.

How will your character deal with this? – Use their natural deadly instincts in which we assume dragons have to get out of the sticky situation their parents had left them in.

How will this change them? – This will change them in the way that  they will learn without their parents, they will have to develop their own knowledge. Being bought up in a world with no one to protect you.

Task 3 – Finish the story:

How has the journey changed them? It has changed them in the fact that they are extremely violent to anyone whom they come across instead of being protected. It has also changed them in the way that they have become extremely independent so that everyone they confront is an enemy.

How will you end the journey? – I will end the journey by my my character being overwhelmed by other dragons, only for himself to be granted a super power by the almighty dragon gods above in which he becomes immortal.


Game genre research:

This is a list of the genre of games that I was able to come up with. Just shows how many different games are out there, and what you could base your own games off of.genres-in-games

2 different genres of games. Explore the different games showing a picture for each one. This has helped because it has developed my understanding of what people are looking for when looking at different genres of games.

Tower defence games:Tower defence games.PNGThe following games that you see within these pictures:

  • Bloons tower defence.
  • Plants vs zombies.
  • Flash element td
  • Defence frid the awakening
  • Kingdom rush
  • Desktop tower defence.

Platform games:


The following platform games:

  • Scrappy cat
  • sonic the hedgehog
  • Super Mario bros
  • Donkey kong
  • Neander world
  • Blookid