1.1 Task 1 – Initial research on rebirth.

Activity – Build up a body of research based on your mind map. Collect at images/examples, and annotate them. Things in which I Need to consider whilst doing my work are; The meaning of rebirth, What interests you about the topic. Also how you can develop your research into a project or idea!

Task 1 – What does Rebirth mean? :

Rebirth means in words – The process of being reincarnated or born again, or a period of new life, growth, or activity. A revival.

The way that i think of rebirth is simply the fact that it has something to do with life or death. When something dies something else is born. Some faiths believe that when you die, you turn into a plant or an animal perhaps. This is an example of rebirth. Some of the relations to rebirth that I could think of are phoenix’s this is because they are reborn. here are some things in which relate to rebirth in there own way; Necromancy, life, death.

What interests you about the topic?

The main thing that interests me about the topic is necromancy, this is because I am really into games in which contains magic and death, and Resurrection.  This is why I planning to base my project off of necromancy because it is the part of the project that interest me the most.

Here are some pictures that I have found that I like to do with necromancy and the prject as a whole.:


picture 1 – http://www.sunsigns.org/what-is-necromancy/

picture 2 – http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Necromancy

picture 3 – http://rituals-magic.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/necromancy-art-of-calling-dead.html

picture 4 – http://warhammerfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Necromancy

How could you develop your research into a project?

The way in which I can develop my research in to a project is by using a lot of these pictures as reference and then putting them into 3ds max and attempting to try and model them as test pieces. If that becomes successful then I could even use those for my final major project.


mythology moodboardThe main thing that comes to mind when thinking of mythology, whilst relating it to rebirth, is the phoenix. A phoenix is ‘reborn’ something in which when it dies comes back as a baby version of itself and forever grows until the cycle starts again.








Religion screenshot

In some religions such as Hinduism they believe that when you die you come back as a plant or animal, this is the greatest understanding in which we have today.



Games, movies or books:

movis films and books moodboard

Most if these games have a post apocalyptic theme to it. This is related to rebirth because when humans die in these games, they are resurrected as zombies, in which is a form of rebirth.








science moodboard

For years rebirth has been something that has been researched on. People have admitted to have seen flashbacks or memories to previous life. Nobody knows if this is true. Egyptians have been known for years for burying ‘gods’ or special people in pyramids, this is what they believed was the way to make the gods live on forever.






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