Review and summary of project management (week 2, 7, 10 and 12).

Summary of week 2 – By this point as you can see I manged to finish most of unit 1. The main ones being the proposal and the research on rebirth. I did get a bit behind a this point because I was not concentrating as much.

I had finished my Project plan and the ‘choose one idea’ it is under the ‘to verify section’ because of the fact that It was finished an needed to be verified.

Under the in process – I have stared the audience requirements for my product.trello 2Burndown 2

Week 7 – by week 7 I had done a considerable amount of work, by this point I had completed all of 1.1 and 2.1, also 3.1. i had caught up with a lot of my work.

Some of the pieces of work in which I was up to at this point also was 3.2, in which is evaluating weeks 2, 7, 10 and 12. Also almost finished my body of work based upon my proposal.trello 7Burndown 7

Week 10 – By this wee I have completed most of my work and have not much left to do. All I have left to do at this point is my project production. I also need to find and upload all of my peer reviews because that is something I had forgotten to do for the entire year.trello 10Burndown 10

Week 12 – At this point  have done all of my work, all my things for the exhibition are on boards and look amazing. All of my models are done, I am awaiting my final mark and to be signed of for the project after I have complete my evaluation, after I have done this I need to print off all of my work and then hand it in. trello 11Burndown 11


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