development log:

Diorama – This is what I had used for my project for all of my assets to go on, a diorama is something in which is a small scene that contains models.diorma 1Here is what I started of with, this consists of 3 planes at the top that I have rotated around slightly to make it look like a back wall. The floor was made out of a cylinder but I gave it 8 sides therefore it being an octagon. then gave it 5 segments going horizontally on the shape, this allowed me to pull the out and push them in making it look like a smooth platform. The square plane underneath is for the floor, so that It can blend in with the platform.

diorama 3This is what It looks like unwrapped, everything here in what the diorama consists of. What I did next was save it and open it within Photoshop for me then to apply textures. The place in which I found my textures from was a website in which was called

diorama 2This is what It looked like after it was textured, I used stone because a necromancer would usually hide in a cave or somewhere desolate in which they can not be found.

Sword asset – Here is something in which I created because I have done a series of weapon assets for a necromancer. I decided to make a sword because it could always come down to a necromancer becoming weak and not being able to cast spells meaning they have to using physical weapons in order to fight.
swordFirstly I created a simple sword, then connected the blade in certain places so that I could select vertices that I could adjust. I dragged them out towards the edge to make a zigzag, or a jagged edge.

Also on the handle I bent the left side of the sword downwards so that it made a unique design.

sword 1After I had created that sword I added some spikes to it making it look more dangerous and made it look more attractive. Makes you want it more than a normal sword because it would do more damage to someone.
sword 2

After that I unwrapped the sword making it as compact as I could within the UV-editor. I textured it again using Photoshop but this time I created the textures myself by using a graphics tablet.sword 3Here is my final product of the sword, This will be hung up with the other weapons on the diorama on a wooden shelf.


Pillar, This is something that is used as a support for the necromancer. Because the diorama that i have created is based within a cave. these pillars make sure that the ceiling does not fall in.
pillarI created it using the cylinder tool, the using the connect tool, I selected the vertices that I wanted and connected them together. I dragged them in so it looked as if it was a pillar making it look bigger at the top and the bottom of the 3d model.pillar 2This is what it looks like unwrapped, I then saved the unwrap and opened it in Photoshop, I used to find the marble texture that I wanted to texture the pillars.pillar 3here is what I came up with as my final piece


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