2.1 Developed research on ‘rebirth’:

To continue the research on rebirth I have collected images and various other pieces of material in order help develop my ideas for my modelling. Also developing my knowledge on the subject. Here below are some of the images that I have found in which relate to rebirth:

These pictures above relate to rebirth in the way of being resurrected and coming back as something new. Or can be seen as two different things, them being life or death. The picture on the left is something that expresses rebirth in the way that underneath the ground is dead, but the seed has grown above the ground and has become a healthy tree in which represents life. The middle picture shows a small plant growing, this is just simply shows a seed growing from nothing. In the last picture which is on the right, you can see a phoenix in which comes backs from the dead.

These pictures show new life, growth and revival. The three main parts of being reborn. There are some other things to do with rebirth in which show different things. For example necromancy. In necromancy you bring the dead back, this does not mean that they have new life or growth, but it shows how they have been revived from magic and spells. This is my favorite part of rebirth because this is the sub genre in which I am going to do for my final major project.

Here are some pictures in which revolve around necromancy and shows you what necromancers are capable of.

https://gamerant.com/diablo-3-necromancer-skills/https://www.pinterest.com/pin/378935756120409649                                              http://www.lichdom-battlemage.com/playing-dead-necromancy-video-games/

From these pictures above you can see that a necromancer has a fist full of magic, or staffs in which they use in order to bring the dead back to life. They can become in control of the person that they bring back. With this they have great power alongside unlimited ammo.

Another part of rebirth is religion. For example with God you go to heaven or in Jesus’ case he was resurrected and he was bought back to life by God. Given a second chance. In some religions such as the Muslim religion it is believed that you come back as something else, that being a plant or an animal. Back in the Egyptian days you have the ‘gods’ of there time for when they died were sacrificed to the gods above in order to lengthen their lives.






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