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Final Evaluation:

This evaluation will include everything in which I have done over this entire project and everything that I have done to achieve what I have.

During the first week we had to create a proposal in which we had to write about what we were going to do during our project and what is going to look like, almost like a prediction. I said in my proposal that I would create weapons in which are related to necromancy and most importantly I said I was going to create a staff. I stuck along those lines and created a staff along with more weapons as assets to be stuck on the wall. These other assets include an axe, staff and sword. I did also include a dagger that we had created previously in the year.

I also said that I would create an altar, because it is something that necromancers use in order to create potions and read books on black magic. They also contain small assets such as skulls books and candles, in which are dimly lit and dark coloured so that they look scary. I said I was going to do that on my proposal but ended up doing a diorama instead. I did contain a table with candles on but was not what I described in my proposal. I decided to dedicate most of my work into the weapons instead of creating an altar.

Another thing in which I did differently to my project proposal was that I said I was going to make crosses and skulls. I did not end up doing this because it was an inside model and usually you would only put wooden crosses on the outside of a building almost like a grave yard. Instead of doing this I created barrels and crates both that are wooden, but are also more likely to be seen inside a building.

Some of the things that I have created that I did not talk about in my proposal include things such as my test tubes, this is something that I imagined that a necromancer would use in order to mix up spells and potions.

When researching what to do in necromancy I came across lots of altars. Personally I think that maybe I should have spent some extra time by creating an altar, this probably would have given me a higher mark. But when doing my research I found a diorama that i fell in love with, that is why I wanted to do one. Also it is a really good idea and you are able to fit everything into a small scene.

I managed my time not as well as I could. This is because most of my spare time was spent working to earn money or playing games because I was not in the mood to do work. I could have managed my work better and I am planning to next year by not playing games and maybe cutting down some of the hours I do at work. I will also write everything I am going to do on a calendar so that I can manage my time properly.

Some of the skills that I have used include mainly hand drawn textures. This have taken me a lot of time to do over the past few months and is definitely something in which I can improve on. Because I did not have enough time to hand draw textures for all my pieces if work, I sued photo realistic materials in which I got off of a copyright free site. this site is called Textures.com. Some more skills that I have used include 3d modelling. I have learnt skills that I had not used before and have put to use in order to create my final project. Some of these skills include unwrapping models. This is something that I had found extremely hard at the beginning of the college year and the more that I have practiced the better I have become. Another skills that I have come better at is when making complex models to craft I have made sure I have kept the sides to square and triangles, this made it easier to unwrap models. Also when you add smoothing groups and rendering the models, makes it look much better and smoother.

Some problems that I have faced during this project include project management. This includes handing my work in on time, I fell behind during the year and found it extremely hard to catch up again. Some harder problems that I had come across includes attempting to model the dragon head. This is a shape that I did not have the experience to model. It took a lot of time and effort in order to get the shape right and for it to look good. A way in which I can overcome this is by using my time over the summer holidays and doing more complex models so that I become better at it.

Some things that I have learnt during this project includes some modelling techniques, some modifiers that you add on to your models. For example the ‘turbosmooth’ modifier makes what ever jagged model you have and makes all of the edges super smooth. I used this on my wooden pegs in which I had made in order to hand the weapons up on that wall. Another thing in which I have learnt during this project is how to render my models. This was key during the final project because we needed to render our work to put up boards for the exhibition.

If I was to do something differently during this project I would have probably made it so that the table within my diorama was an altar, this would have made it look more aesthetically pleasing to whoever would be viewing my work. Another thing in which I would have done differently would include again the way in which I managed my time because it would help me hand in on time, also help me achieve a higher grade.

My peer and tutor feedback said the same thing, in which was that I had not done enough work and that when it had came to the interim deadlines, I had work missing. This is definitely something without a doubt that I need to make sure that I improve on in the second year. Most of the things that I did not refer for I did well. Also a lot of the things I did refer was were for small things, that be the reasoning I did not upload them, because I was not happy with them.

development log:

Diorama – This is what I had used for my project for all of my assets to go on, a diorama is something in which is a small scene that contains models.diorma 1Here is what I started of with, this consists of 3 planes at the top that I have rotated around slightly to make it look like a back wall. The floor was made out of a cylinder but I gave it 8 sides therefore it being an octagon. then gave it 5 segments going horizontally on the shape, this allowed me to pull the out and push them in making it look like a smooth platform. The square plane underneath is for the floor, so that It can blend in with the platform.

diorama 3This is what It looks like unwrapped, everything here in what the diorama consists of. What I did next was save it and open it within Photoshop for me then to apply textures. The place in which I found my textures from was a website in which was called textures.com.

diorama 2This is what It looked like after it was textured, I used stone because a necromancer would usually hide in a cave or somewhere desolate in which they can not be found.

Sword asset – Here is something in which I created because I have done a series of weapon assets for a necromancer. I decided to make a sword because it could always come down to a necromancer becoming weak and not being able to cast spells meaning they have to using physical weapons in order to fight.
swordFirstly I created a simple sword, then connected the blade in certain places so that I could select vertices that I could adjust. I dragged them out towards the edge to make a zigzag, or a jagged edge.

Also on the handle I bent the left side of the sword downwards so that it made a unique design.

sword 1After I had created that sword I added some spikes to it making it look more dangerous and made it look more attractive. Makes you want it more than a normal sword because it would do more damage to someone.
sword 2

After that I unwrapped the sword making it as compact as I could within the UV-editor. I textured it again using Photoshop but this time I created the textures myself by using a graphics tablet.sword 3Here is my final product of the sword, This will be hung up with the other weapons on the diorama on a wooden shelf.


Pillar, This is something that is used as a support for the necromancer. Because the diorama that i have created is based within a cave. these pillars make sure that the ceiling does not fall in.
pillarI created it using the cylinder tool, the using the connect tool, I selected the vertices that I wanted and connected them together. I dragged them in so it looked as if it was a pillar making it look bigger at the top and the bottom of the 3d model.pillar 2This is what it looks like unwrapped, I then saved the unwrap and opened it in Photoshop, I used textures.com to find the marble texture that I wanted to texture the pillars.pillar 3here is what I came up with as my final piece

Review and summary of project management (week 2, 7, 10 and 12).

Summary of week 2 – By this point as you can see I manged to finish most of unit 1. The main ones being the proposal and the research on rebirth. I did get a bit behind a this point because I was not concentrating as much.

I had finished my Project plan and the ‘choose one idea’ it is under the ‘to verify section’ because of the fact that It was finished an needed to be verified.

Under the in process – I have stared the audience requirements for my product.trello 2Burndown 2

Week 7 – by week 7 I had done a considerable amount of work, by this point I had completed all of 1.1 and 2.1, also 3.1. i had caught up with a lot of my work.

Some of the pieces of work in which I was up to at this point also was 3.2, in which is evaluating weeks 2, 7, 10 and 12. Also almost finished my body of work based upon my proposal.trello 7Burndown 7

Week 10 – By this wee I have completed most of my work and have not much left to do. All I have left to do at this point is my project production. I also need to find and upload all of my peer reviews because that is something I had forgotten to do for the entire year.trello 10Burndown 10

Week 12 – At this point  have done all of my work, all my things for the exhibition are on boards and look amazing. All of my models are done, I am awaiting my final mark and to be signed of for the project after I have complete my evaluation, after I have done this I need to print off all of my work and then hand it in. trello 11Burndown 11

Project management

Week 1 – For the first week we have learnt about the subject and we have had to do some research on ‘rebirth’ Another thing we had to consider was coming up with 4 different ideas in which we were to do as our final major project.Trello 1Burndown 1

Week 2 – I have finished my proposal and am  really close to finishing my initial project plan, I have also cracked my work down to 2 pieces of work in which is Necromancy and fantasy.trello 2Burndown 2

Week 3 – I have pretty much finished the entirety of the first section in which consists of all of the initial research, I am now developing research on my chosen idea, in which I chose Necromancy.

trello 3Burndown 3

Week 4 – This week I have focused on my continued research on both Necromancy, which is my chosen topic, also rebirth which is our main topic. This consists of finding things in which I could use for my topic, I have been researching different weapons because that is what I want to model for my final major project.

My developed research on ‘rebirth’ consists of looking into life and death. I related it to necromancy in the fact that necromancers bring people back from the dead to use them as weapons towards other things.  trello 4Burndown 4

Week 5 – During this week I had completed a long and detailed audience profile containing everything related to my products that I am going to model. Such as Age, Gender and Location in which my product would appeal to.

I have gathered all my links and put them into a Harvard format so when I do my bibliography it will look much better, more professional.

trello 5Burndown 5

Week 6 – I have completed my bibliography including all my links being in Harvard format. They all include links for every single part of my work in which was done in the entirety of 2.1.

As you can see from the charts you can see that I had fallen a bit behind in my work and I should have already done some of my work from 3.1.

trello 6Burndown 6


Week 7 – I have started on 3.1 and have gone straight into doing some colour ideas. Because I am doing Necromancy you can see that some of my colours are dark and scary, this is because they are all about magic. Also the undead.

I got all of my colour ideas by finding similar textures that I would have used in my final major project and have used that colour finder tool and have found all of the colours from each picture that I found.
trello 7Burndown 7


Week 8 – I have done 3 different test pieces in which are all weapons. These weapons include an axe, staff and a sword. Personally the weapon assets that belong to a necromancer look really cool in the fact that they are textured in cool colours and have themed to make them look abnormal.

I was originally thinking of making small assets like test tubes and an alter as my test pieces but, I think that the weapons are much harder to make and look much cooler.trello 8Burndown 8


Week 9 – This is where I started creating my burn down charts and making sure that all of my project management up to this point was up to date. Not much else apart from continuing with my project production.trello 9Burndown 9

Week 10 – Product production, I have gone through most of my main assets and have gone through how I have made them in different stages of development.

For example I showed how I made my axe step-

trello 10Burndown 10


Week 11 – This is the final week in which all of my work has been done and is yet to have been marked, I am having to concentrate and write my final evaluation because that’s all I have left to write. after I have written the final evaluation I can get my worked checked and hopefully signed off.trello 11Burndown 11

3.1 Developing ideas for my project

Colour/mood ideas:

colour idea 1These colours are dark, dull and lifeless. These colours are my idea for the surroundings of the necromancer. Perhaps in a cave or somewhere in which the walls and floor are made out of solid stone or rock. There not being much light, or the rocks being dimly lit by the candles on the alter give off minute amounts of light. That’s why some of the colours are very dark. These are the colours that I have found when looking at different stones and rocks.  colour idea 2These are the colours in which I think of when I think of necromancy. The green colour is from the spells and magic that is casted by the necromancer. Whenever they create potions or when you see the spells being cast, the one colour that comes to mind is green. I have added red in to the mix as well because red represents the dead, death and blood. All in which relate to necromancy. And last but not least you have the dark colours in which are scary colours, things you might see in scary games or see in scary situations.colour idea 3Usually when I think of necromancy, I think of things that they have lying around, also for my final major project I am thinking of having a wooden shelf in which will hold all of the weapons that a necromancer will use or have. These colours above show the dark rotten wood in which they use to store objects, or the crates and barrels in the background are made of. Most wooden assets look good, especially if you make it out of dark wood so it fits with the necromancy theme.sketchesHere is my diorama in which I am going to create for my final major project. it should contain most of the things that are shown above. The top three sections are the walls of the diorama. I have designed two different types of material I could have used for the wall. in this case I thought either the wood or the stone wall would suit the situation. If I use wooden walls it would look good to place a window in between and I could turn it into some sort of church themed diorama, where as a stone wall would look nice with a wooden showcase containing weapons.

For the ground i have come up with some smaller assets on the left hand side, which as you can see, include crates, barrels and vases. A more themes asset includes the test tubes, something in which a necromancer could use in order to create spells. If i use a wooden wall, a tiled marble floor would be a good texture to use. Whilst if I use stone, i would have to use something similar for the floor.

When you think of necromancy, you see the undead and spells being cast. I will hopefully attempt to create skulls to be placed on the table but I know that the shape is extremely hard to make.  Candles so that the diorama is dimly lit. Also a book, this implies that it is a necromancer and that he s ready to cast spells and bring people back from the dead.

Developed research on Necromancy:

As I am doing a diorama for my project I am continuing to find necromancy assets in which I am to model to put within my scene. One of the main thing that I am looking for is an Alter. This is because this is what necromancers use to cast spell and mix potions for experiment. A lot of these alters are stylised to make it look like they have slayed dead people and they have collected their bones. Most of them have pictures of skulls on the table. I have done some research and have found some picture of some alters. Also some pictures of some smaller assets in which have relatable features to the topic.

Here are some of the pictures that I have found below:

necromancy 1This altar shows the skulls and the daggers in which I would use as relatable objects to necromancy. Personally this one stands out to me because it gives the best idea of what they are like and it also has the dark gloomy colours in which give off darkening thoughts.necromancy 2This one shows different symbols, they look really good and are easy to texture on whilst making the altar. candles to give off the dim lighting in the background. And again the dagger in which they use to draw blood from prey. In which they use in potions or perhaps witchcraft. necromancy 3This is a simple altar but looks very nice in the fact that the stone is cracked and it gives off the feeling that it is old and also has been built by hand with all of the stones. This could be because a necromancer likes in a cave or somewhere underground in a desolate location. Again you have the candles giving off the same atmosphere as the other photos. along with the skulls, some of the skulls have candles on the head, this makes it look scary.

http://frederiktanzler.deviantart.com/art/Altar-I-323268037 https://uk.pinterest.com/jennifer6785/altars   https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/468304061228074363

Dark-Dragon-Blade_2999For some of my assets I have wanted to create weapons in which a necromancer may have lying around I have found this sword in which has been has a golden dragon on the end of the sword. The blade is made out of a sharp metal in which is crafted into a flame. Personally I think that the blade represents the fact that the dragon can breath fire. Necromancer have cool looking weapons to intimidate the enemy. I am going to attempt to try and make my own sword in which is similar to this and has sharp jagged edges to the blade.Dragon_staff_detailOne of the main weapons that a necromancer uses to cast magic is a staff, without this their powers are weakened. Necromancers use these staffs to be able to cast spell in which can be used to destroy people or bring them back to life and to be controlled by a necromancer. This staff has a very cool design in the fact that the handle is made out of wood. At the end of the staff it has a metal end. This is so you can hold it on the floor. Also it looks as if you can use it to hang up the staff. I am going to craft a staff as one of my weapon assets and am going to relate it to my sword by adding the dragon theme, personally the staff above would look cooler perhaps if the handle near the dragon head had some spikes. This would make the staff look a lot more intimidating.Test tubeThis is a creative asset for necromancy because there are many different types of test tubes and ways in which necromancers can make different potions and spells. This is something that I know of personally and have had experience with test tubes in the past. I thought it would be a good asset to make and would be something good to see on the table. I also like the Z design of the stand.

2.1 Developed research on ‘rebirth’:

To continue the research on rebirth I have collected images and various other pieces of material in order help develop my ideas for my modelling. Also developing my knowledge on the subject. Here below are some of the images that I have found in which relate to rebirth:

These pictures above relate to rebirth in the way of being resurrected and coming back as something new. Or can be seen as two different things, them being life or death. The picture on the left is something that expresses rebirth in the way that underneath the ground is dead, but the seed has grown above the ground and has become a healthy tree in which represents life. The middle picture shows a small plant growing, this is just simply shows a seed growing from nothing. In the last picture which is on the right, you can see a phoenix in which comes backs from the dead.

These pictures show new life, growth and revival. The three main parts of being reborn. There are some other things to do with rebirth in which show different things. For example necromancy. In necromancy you bring the dead back, this does not mean that they have new life or growth, but it shows how they have been revived from magic and spells. This is my favorite part of rebirth because this is the sub genre in which I am going to do for my final major project.

Here are some pictures in which revolve around necromancy and shows you what necromancers are capable of.

https://gamerant.com/diablo-3-necromancer-skills/https://www.pinterest.com/pin/378935756120409649                                              http://www.lichdom-battlemage.com/playing-dead-necromancy-video-games/

From these pictures above you can see that a necromancer has a fist full of magic, or staffs in which they use in order to bring the dead back to life. They can become in control of the person that they bring back. With this they have great power alongside unlimited ammo.

Another part of rebirth is religion. For example with God you go to heaven or in Jesus’ case he was resurrected and he was bought back to life by God. Given a second chance. In some religions such as the Muslim religion it is believed that you come back as something else, that being a plant or an animal. Back in the Egyptian days you have the ‘gods’ of there time for when they died were sacrificed to the gods above in order to lengthen their lives.