1.1 Choose 1 idea:

It has boiled down to having to pick one final idea from the four that we originally came up with. The four that I began with were; Life/Heaven, Death/Hell, Necromancy and Fantasy. After that I was able to boil it down to two ideas which were, Necromancy and fantasy.

So the idea that I have chosen to continue and develop into my final project is Necromancy, this is because of the fact that I already know a lot about the subject, also I feel that I am able to relate it to necromancy in my own way. It will be a lot easier than fantasy, also have ideas on what to model.

So… my plan for Necromancy is to develop a diorama. This is a small scene containing models that represents the subject clearly. Within this small scene there can be a lot of things going on. Or in my case there will be a lot of object/assets you will be able to see relating to the product itself.

After already creating a mind map and mood board on this subject I have decided to go into more depth and see more of what Necromancy is about. Hoping this will give me more ideas to develop my project. So here I will be continuing some research on the subject that I have chosen.

The meaning of necromancy – The practising of communicating with the dead, they do this in order to be able to predict the future. They do this in ways of black magic, witchcraft and sorcery. When Necromancers bring things back from the dead, they control you and are able to use you as a weapon against the living.

Some of the things that I am planning to do in this project is to model an alter in which has all of the necromancers equipment scattered around. this would include things such as pots, test tubes and books. Also I will be making some weapons in which will be hanging up on the wall, because necromancers have all sorts of weapons in case someone was to ambush them or they were at war. Some of the weapons that I will model will include, Axes, Swords, Daggers and staffs. I’m planning to do this on a small diorama. Also adding some more extreme detail such as a small room with broken walls coming off and broken windows built into the walls where the alter will stand.

This is all I have come up for the moment. Hopefully in class I will further develop more ideas and hopefully make a start on all of the modelling that I am in need of doing.


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