Peer Feedback – Project Idea:

My idea is to create a room in which has the theme of necromancy, this will include magic and death.

For example on the side of death it will contain things such as:]

  • skulls
  • pitchforks
  • coffins
  • dead plants
  • tree with no leaves Basically anything in which represents death.
  • wooden cross (cracked and in bad condition.)

On the side of magic

  • Staffs
  • Weapons
  • Books
  • alter/altar
  • enchantment table.

I will attempt to put this in a surrounding building of a church to give it a scary feel to the environment.

Reviewer response

Your idea is really good I think skulls, dead plants, wooden crosses and coffins are all linked to rebirth however I don’t think pitchforks link to it that well.

Staffs, blades, alters, books and enchantment table are all really cool things to model and would make your scene look much better.

Your overall idea is good however I think you need to include life a bit more on your alter so it can be clearly linked to rebirth.


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