The science of level design:

In this lesson we were asked to look into the science of level design. the reasoning behind this was so that we understood the the ‘theory’ behind making a good level design. This applies to gameplay and player enjoyment.

What we did to start off the lesson was we split into groups and came up with a team name, ours being ‘blitz babes’. For this we had to create a level design game with the theme of a ‘stealth platformer’. The first things that pops to mind when thinking of stealth is ninja’s and prisons or security. Some of the things that we had to keep in mind when doing this includes things such as; Where the player spawns, where the enemies are located, core mechanics and features.

Some of the things we thought of in the group includes things such as;

  • Creeping, running, climbing.
  • checkpoints.
  • enemies.
  • cameras, lights.

We had to make it clear where the player had to go. We made a side scroller, so it should be obvious to the player that you go from left to right. But on the first design we put some arrows on the background faintly to show the direction in which you need to go in.