2D Level design

In this lesson we were asked to make a platform game and to design one using your own knowledge and what it would look like.

I used reference material, for example I made some pipes which are from Mario but I changed the design to make them look unique.

Overall this lesson was very helpful in the fact that I was able to make my own platform game and make some tile sets in which go with the game itself.


2D Digital art

duckIn this lesson we had to come up with a 2D digital art drawing using graphics tablets. I had come up with drawing a duck as you as they are associated with the carnival theme. You usually see ducks as moving targets as part of a throwing game this is where i got the duck idea from. Another idea sparked up and this is when you get people juggling with fire. i attempted to combine the two ideas making a carnival duck with fire patterns integrated into the side of the duck.

Overall this task was very helpful in the fact of coming up with different carnival characters. and learning how to sketch things out and colour with a graphics tablet.

Programming, Making my own psuedocode and flow charts

I created my own simple flow chart for a game of pong based on my own knowledge. This lesson helped me understand further the basics of the shapes and their meanings as part of the flow chart. During this lesson I also created psuedocode in which is writing the game in code very simply but making sure you have as many steps in there as possible.

In conclusion from this I have learned how to make basic flow charts and basic psuedocode. In my own time I can learn how to make more complex flow diagrams and psuedocode, this could be by adding different shapes in which I do not know the meaning of and adding more complex steps to the psuedocode.

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2D Pixel art

In 2D art we were told to make our own sword using pixels and using the reference (shown on the right) from this and my own knowledge from other games, I was able to come up with my own version of a sword (on the right)

From this I had learnt how to make a basic sword and how to shade a blade correctly to almost show what it would be like if a light was shining against it.