Programming – making a game if pong

This is me making a game of pong. An overview of this is very simple and that what i have made is very simple and is easily completed in a few steps. In conclusion this task is very easy and i look to improve on this in the future and make it better in every way in which i can.


Creating a crate

Overview. This is me making a crate step -by – step this is what we have managed to complete this far in my project. I have learned how to do this at home and should be able to reenact this when ever.

Peer review:

I got someone to peer review for my blog up to the current point of which I have updated it, this will include good and bad things about my work and how i can improve or implement things in order to make my work better.peer-review

Collect research on violence, equality and diversity, and the representation of minorities (gender, sexuality and ethnicity) within video games.

Here I have discussed and evaluated my opinions of each section (minorities, sexuality, violence, equality and diversity). for each i had to come up with different ways in which they are showed in games, i found this very helpful and can use this for further research.

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